Benefits of Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Shakopee, MNIt has been proven that simply smiling has immense power and can lift moods of those engaging in the act as well as those on the receiving end. In fact, smiling intentionally can create feelings of happiness, joy, or amusement due to its ability to change the chemistry in your brain.

For those who feel their smile is not just less than average, but an actual source of embarrassment, the act of smiling can cause great distress and thus negatively affect one’s mood and outlook on life. Whether it is due to advance tooth decay, periodontal/gum disease, trauma or injury, the loss of heathy teeth can be absolutely devastating. Although many dental advancements have been made in the last several decades that offer patients remedies for improving their smile, none quite compare to that of today’s technologically advanced dental implants as a permanent solution to tooth replacement.

The benefits of today’s dental implants go well above anything else that came before and for most are more obtainable than one might have thought. If you are facing significant tooth extractions or already have one of the lesser alternatives in place and are not satisfied with your results, it is time to consider what you can gain in life by choosing to move forward with dental implants.

The most obvious benefit is of course an improved outward appearance. Dental implants are virtually undetectable and look and feel just like your very own teeth. Custom crafted to your specific mouth and facial dimensions, dental implants offer a natural look and are often used alongside other existing dental work. With your new found boost in self-esteem, your smile will no longer be a source of despair, but instead a welcomed bonus you are excited to share with the world!

Improved oral health can also be achieved through the use of dental implants. When you remove unhealthy teeth and replace them with dental implants as opposed to a tooth-supported bridge, there are no alterations made to surrounding teeth, thus leaving intact more of your own teeth. Furthermore, the fear of being toothless is often greater than the fear of living with ongoing dental issues. This causes many people to put off taking care of serious problems, which only leads to the spread of more problems as things go untreated. Individual implants also allow easier access between teeth and protect the gums, which allows for an overall better opportunity for improving oral hygiene.

Some of the biggest complaints surrounding denture wear beside their unnatural look, is their lack of comfort, convenience and how they can distort one’s ability to speak normally. Because implants are surgically facetted into your jaw bone they actually become a permanent part of you. This simple fact eliminates any slipping, gapping or rubbing so commonly reported by denture wearers which causes discomfort and speech impediments. This also removes the inconvenience factor of additional hygiene steps. Simply maintain your implants the same way you would your natural teeth by brushing after every meal, flossing on a daily basis and visiting your dentist for regular cleaning every six months.

Last but definitely not least, the longevity and durability of dental implants is far superior to all other alternatives. Dentures, bridges and crowns, all require ongoing maintenance and will inevitably need to be replaced, whereas dental implants which are well taken care of and not subjected to unnecessary abuse, last the longest and in many circumstance are considered lifetime replacements.

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