What can crowns fix?

Skin Growth ExaminationsThe teeth play a crucial role, for chewing and eating, and in our smile and appearance. Over the years, teeth can crack and break due to trauma or biting down on hard objects in food.

There are a number of methods for repairing tooth damage, but the most effective fix is to crown the tooth. A crown is a synthetic cap designed to fit on top of the broken or cracked tooth to protect it from further damage.

At O’Brien Dental Care, the process of applying crowns is done in two visits. During your first visit, the tooth is examined to be sure the roots and surrounding bone are adequate to support the crown. Then the damaged tooth is filed down along the chewing surface and sides to make room for the crown. Next, an impression of the tooth is taken to use to make the actual crown. While the crown is being manufactured, the patient is given a temporary crown. When the patient returns for the second visit, the permanent crown is cemented into place.

Imperfect and cracked teeth not only make it difficult for you to eat your favorite foods, but can also mar your smile. Don’t put up with them, come to O’Brien Dental Care and let’s discuss crowns as an option.

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