The Cause of Tooth Pain May Surprise You

Toothaches Shakopee, MNTooth pain is hard to ignore. This is a good thing because you don’t want to ignore this indication that something may be happening to a tooth. The sooner that you see your dentist about a toothache or even tooth sensitivity, the sooner you can understand why pain has occurred. More importantly, you can explore ways to resolve pain quickly so you can get on with the more pleasant aspects of living.

Not So Fast . . .

When affected by a toothache, we incline to assume we have gotten a cavity. Tooth decay is, in fact, one of the leading conditions related to tooth pain. That doesn’t mean we should rush to conclusions. Many people are surprised to learn that the discomfort they feel has nothing to do with what they thought. This could be a good thing.

While we usually think of a cavity in a tooth as the culprit of tooth pain, another cavity may be involved: the sinus cavity. During this time of year, when colds and flu are more common, it is beneficial to know a little more about facial anatomy.

The mouth and the sinuses are positioned right next to each other. Specifically, it is the upper, back teeth that reside adjacent to the maxillary sinus. The structure that separates one from the other is paper-thin. Additionally, nerves and blood vessels may be shared by the sinus and the molars of the top arch of teeth. This shared form could pave the way for what is called a sinus toothache.

If you were to develop a sinus toothache, chances are you would know right away. Tooth pain that stems from inflammation in the maxillary sinus feels more like a general ache like you cannot tell which tooth hurts because they all hurt. Of course, this type of pain would also coincide with having a cold or the flu. Your nose may feel congested, and your tooth pain may feel worse if you lean forward or when moving to lie down. In the instance of a true sinus toothache, these symptoms should improve when congestion decreases. If they do not, you need to see your dentist.

Tooth pain is never an issue you want to take lightly. It is an issue we can help you avoid with preventive dentistry, and can help you stop with restorative care. For friendly assistance with your dental needs, call our Shakopee office.

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