Cavity-Prone? This may be Why!

dental careCavities are a common problem that most people encounter from time to time. Because a cavity can be somewhat painful (or really painful!) and this damage to your tooth means you’ll need restorative care, we understand why you would want to do all that you could to prevent such unnecessary injury. A big part of what we do here at O’Brien Dental Care helps patients maintain optimal oral health with education and preventive care that includes regular checkups and cleanings. Still, there may be a need for more.

If you would say that you are cavity-prone, there is more to this story than your DNA. Cavity prevention can take on a whole new meaning when you recognize some of the risks that aren’t often discussed.

It’s a Space Thing

Don’t stop reading just yet! We’re not going to tell you that you get cavities because you’re not flossing enough (although we will remind you that flossing is important). The issue with space, and how it can relate to cavities, is the instance of crowding. Teeth need to have a bit of space between them in order for you to be able to successfully reach accumulated debris. If you can’t reach it, the plaque sits and waits while enamel breaks down. Teeth that are overcrowded or overlapping present a unique risk to your oral health. Not to worry, though, orthodontic care has improved a great deal, and you may be able to correct minor alignment issues in a matter of months.

It’s a Shape Thing

Often, the shape of a tooth or teeth is discussed in relation to cosmetic dental treatment. The shape of certain teeth, those at the back of the mouth, may also affect general oral health. The hidden danger of deep grooves on chewing surfaces of molars and premolars has become an important topic in pediatric dentistry in recent years. However, adults may also want to know how to protect back teeth from cavities using dental sealants. The short treatment applies liquid resin to create a barrier between food debris, bacteria, and the deep crevices on back teeth.

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