Cosmetic Dentistry Shakopee, MN

Improve Your Teeth & Gain Your Dream Smile

cosmetic dentistry in shakopeeMany of our patients have healthy teeth, but they want to improve their aesthetic appearance. They may have uneven teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, badly stained teeth, or wish to change the shape of a tooth or teeth. We refer to these services as cosmetic dentistry where the goal is to improve the beauty of your smile.

People also choose aesthetic dental procedures/surgery to repair a defect such as a malformed bite or crooked teeth, treat an injury, or just improve their overall appearance. Whatever the reason, the ultimate goal is to restore a beautiful smile.

For these and many other reasons, aesthetic dentistry has become a vital and important part of the dental profession.

Common aesthetic dental procedures can be performed to correct misshaped, discolored, chipped or missing teeth. They also can be used to change the overall shape of teeth—from teeth that are too long or short, have gaps, or simply need to be reshaped.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Although it is not technically a specialty of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry generally refers to any dental work that improves the appearance, but not necessarily the function, of a person’s teeth. At O’Brien Dental Care, we use cosmetic dentistry to improve patients’ tooth shape, whiteness, position, alignment, and overall appearance.

Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures:

  • Bonding – A procedure in which tooth-colored dental resin is used to close gaps, cover badly stained teeth, or cover chips and cracks in teeth.
  • Contouring and reshaping -We subtly change the shape of a tooth or teeth by removing small amounts of the tooth enamel. This painless procedure makes minor adjustments in the appearance of a tooth.
  • Veneers – A procedure in which ultra-thin coatings are placed over the front teeth. Veneers can change the color or shape of your teeth. For example, veneers have been used to correct unevenly spaced, crooked, chipped, oddly shaped or discolored teeth.
  • Whitening and bleaching -We offer in-office or at-home whitening that can make your teeth 10-12 shades whiter.

Which techniques should be used to improve your smile? A dental exam with O’Brien Dental Care experts will take many factors into consideration, including your overall oral health. Contact us today to schedule your consultation in Shakopee, MN.

Why would I be interested in cosmetic dentistry?

If your teeth are healthy enough that they don’t require any particular treatment such as a root canal, filling, or treatment for gum disease, but you’re simply not satisfied with their appearance, your could benefit from a cosmetic procedure such as the application of porcelain veneers. The goal of these procedures is to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Would I be a good candidate for cosmetic treatments?

Cosmetic procedures are not intended to correct inherent dental problems; they address aesthetics. If you have problems such as gingivitis, decay, missing teeth, or periodontitis, those need to be addressed before any cosmetic procedure can be done.

Is teeth whitening safe?

cosmetic dentistry in ShakopeeAt O’Brien Dental Care we offer two types of teeth whitening services, in-office and at-home. Both are safe and deliver good results. We advise patients against using over-the-counter whitening kits, as they can contain harmful ingredients that if left on the teeth too long can damage the enamel. Also, the lack of custom-fit trays in those kits can allow the whitening solution to contact the gums, which can cause damage and be extremely painful.

What is the difference between in-office and at-home whitening?

During our in-office treatment, your gums will be covered in order to protect them from damage. A whitening gel is applied to your teeth individually, preventing any missed spots or variations in color. Then a special light is directed onto the teeth to activate the gel and brighten the teeth. We attain whitening of 10-12 shades with our in-office treatment that takes less than one hour.

Our at-home kits deliver whitening more gradually, usually in two weeks. We provide a custom-fit tray, professional-strength gel, and full instructions on how to properly whiten your teeth at home. Then, we it’s time to whiten your teeth again, all you need is a new supply of gel.

How long does whitening last?

Our whitening programs generally last at least one year. This is, of course, dependent upon your lifestyle and how much you do things such as drink coffee, red wine, or various juices, and eat other foods that stain your teeth.

Are cosmetic procedures expensive?

The costs of cosmetic dentistry with O’Brien are wholly dependent upon which services you have. For instance, porcelain veneers are more expensive than bonding, but those veneers tend to last longer than bonding. Procedures such as tooth contouring are not expensive. As us about your options and the costs associated.

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