Cosmetic Contouring Shakopee, MN

shutterstock_96792061Do you have minor imperfections in your smile that have you feeling self-conscious? If these minor imperfections are not substantial enough to require veneers, crowns or other extensive cosmetic correction – cosmetic dental contouring may be just the solution. Contouring and reshaping teeth is a simple and affordable way to make subtle changes to the appearance of otherwise healthy teeth.

Is tooth reshaping or dental contouring right for me?

Reshaping and dental contouring work best for patients who seek minor adjustments to improve the look and feel of their smile. Reshaping and contouring is not appropriate for decayed teeth or for those suffering from gum disease.

If you are seeking an effective and affordable solution to improve the appearance of your smile, reshaping or dental contouring may be just the treatment you need.

What types of imperfections can reshaping and contouring correct?

Dental contouring and tooth reshaping are effective solutions to repair the appearance of chipped teeth, very sharp or pointed cuspids, even overlapping teeth.

What is involved in tooth reshaping and contouring?

Reshaping or contouring refers to a cosmetic dentistry procedure that removes small amounts of tooth enamel in order to change the shape or appearance of your tooth. Your dentist will work very slowly, removing only millimeters of enamel at a time in order to preserve the greatest amount of healthy tooth. Dental reshaping is often combined with dental bonding to provide even greater possibilities for cosmetic correction.

Is dental contouring or reshaping painful?

No. Most patients report zero discomfort or pain associated with this procedure. Only the very outer surface of your tooth enamel is affected and therefore no anesthesia is needed.

Don’t spend another day wishing that you could repair small imperfections to your smile. Contact O’Brien Dental today to learn more about how reshaping and contouring can improve the appearance of your smile.