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emergency dentist Shakopee, MNWhen Do I Need An Emergency Dentist?

A knocked out tooth can cause panic in any parent, but quick thinking and staying calm are the best ways to approach such common dental emergencies. It is important to have an established relationship with a dentist that you trust – and keep his or her contact information handy in case of emergency.

What Do I Do If My Child or I Lose a Tooth?

The number one tip, in case of dental emergency, is not to panic. In many situations, your dentist may be able to return the tooth to its socket. Try to locate your missing tooth and take it to your dentist for immediate treatment. Be sure to only touch your tooth at the top or crown of the tooth and do not handle the roots. Touching the roots of your dislodged tooth can lead to infection or damage to the tooth.

If your dentists’ office cannot be reached go to your nearest emergency room for treatment. Meanwhile you can rinse your mouth with cool water and apply ice or cold compresses to reduce bleeding and swelling at the site of your injury.

How to Transport a Dislodged Tooth

Before arranging for other transport, you should always try to gently fit your tooth back into its socket. If it will not easily fit back into its socket do not force the tooth. However, if it will slide back into place, keep your tooth in its socket and head to the dentist immediately.

If you are unable to keep your tooth in its socket, put your tooth in a small sandwich bag or cup. Fill the bag or cup with your own saliva, saline or low-fat milk. Do not transport your tooth in plain water. If no supplies are available for transporting your tooth, slip it in between your lower lip and gums and hold it there until you reach the dentist’s office.

The loss of a tooth due to sports, automobile accidents and other emergencies is more common than you may realize. If you are not able to locate your missing tooth, do not arrive for treatment in time, or your dentist is not able to restore the missing tooth – do not worry. There are many beautiful, natural looking dental restorations on the market today that will have you forgetting you ever lost a tooth.

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