Don’t Build a Wall Between Yourself and Others

Teeth Cleanings Shakopee, MNWhen we interact, our objective is usually to build some bridge between ourselves and another person. It may be at work, in a relationship, or with someone, we have just met, but the connection that we make on a human level can mean a lot to our personal and professional lives. By and large, most adults realize the power of a good smile. We even know that the breath could be the wall that prevents even the best bridge-building. Why else would there be such an array of products to help us freshen up?

Bad breath. You don’t want it. Nobody does. That much is clear. The question is if nobody wants bad breath, why do so many people struggle day in and day out to keep things fresh? There are a few reasons. When you know what they are, you are better equipped to mind your breath business.

Bad Habits, Bad Breath

This is not to say that bad breath is “your fault.” Most people we meet do their best to keep the mouth clean and healthy. There are aspects of oral care, though, that are easy to overlook, and this can mean a breath problem.

  • Teeth-brushing is a two-minute task. Rushing through the activity is easy when we have so many other things to do in a day.
  • Flossing is the only way that plaque and odor-causing bacteria will be removed from in between teeth. It takes a minute or two and does a lot more for your health than you may imagine.
  • Mouthwash only goes so far. Bacteria love to sit around on the back of the tongue. Here, they create a foul odor that hitches a ride on the air that leaves the mouth when we speak or laugh. To stop this from happening, purchase a tongue scraper and use it daily.

Much of the time, improving oral hygiene habits resolves breath issues. If it doesn’t, it’s time to see the dentist. Bad breath may also stem from:

  • Ill-fitting dentures. Dentures must be cleaned well every day, and they need to be relined on a regular basis, too. When space develops between a denture and the gums, bacteria have a great place to hide – and create the odor.
  • Oral infection. Gum disease and even cavities are common infections in the mouth that can change the freshness of the breath.
  • Health conditions. Everything from dehydration to blood sugar imbalance can present breath concerns.

Bad breath is not a condition that has to be tolerated. Get the help you need for a pleasant smile all the way around. Call O’Brien Dental Care in Shakopee.

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