Five Reasons to Keep up with Dental Cleanings

In today’s extraordinarily busy society, it can be difficult to keep up with all that you have to do. For many people, this means skipping their recommended dental care. Dentistry is not intended to be sought only when a problem occurs. At O’Brien Dental Care, it is our intention to assist patients from the Shakopee area in the prevention of dental disease. One of the ways we do this is by providing the kind of care that invites patients back for exams and cleanings.

Benefits of Routine Dental Care

  1. dental care Shakopee, MNMore attractive teeth. The foods and beverages that we tend to consume regularly can do a lot of harm to the appearance of teeth. Coffee, red wine, tea, and tobacco are quite well-known when it comes to stain-causing substances. However, did you know that soda and certain berries can also deposit tiny molecules into enamel that cause discoloration? Routine cleanings go beyond what is possible at home, polishing teeth for a brighter shine.
  2. Fresher breath. No one likes to feel self-conscious about their breath, but many do. Aside from the occasional onion-filled meal, a primary cause of bad breath is bacteria. Tiny organisms can become hidden between teeth and beneath the gums. They also collect on the back of the tongue. Professional teeth cleaning successfully removes hidden bacteria, leading to better breath.
  3. Tooth preservation. You may think of your hygienist as someone who helps you have cleaner teeth, but professional cleanings are also vital to the prevention and treatment of gum disease. This prevalent oral condition is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. Cleanings remove plaque and the bacteria it harbors; minimizing the risk for inflammation and infection that can cost you a tooth.
  4. A healthier body. Research continually demonstrates the effects that oral health has on the body. Disease in the mouth can increase the risk of health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more. Keeping the mouth free of disease can mean a decreased risk for systemic issues.
  5. Reduced dental costs. Hygiene visits can do a lot to prevent unhealthy dental conditions. In addition to preventing unnecessary pain, this also maximizes your investment into a healthy smile. Avoiding dental problems means also avoiding the costs of tooth repair.

Don’t wait for pain to force you into the office. Call O’Brien Dental Care for your routine exam and cleaning. (952)-445-6657.



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