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Teeth Cleanings Shakopee, MNOral care is old hat. We’ve all been doing it since childhood. That’s a lot of time to spend with a toothbrush in hand! Coupled with the daily ritual of brushing and flossing, we all also know that routine checkups and cleanings are important. From a young age, we’ve been taken to (or have taken ourselves to) the dentist for observation and preventive care. Even in light of the value of this routine, it’s so easy to fall off the wagon. Since we are nearing the end of summer, and that means a busy holiday season will be here before we know it, we want to throw out a friendly reminder that it may be time to call your Shakopee dentist.

Why You Don’t Want to Skip Those Twice-a-Year Visits

A dental checkup is more than a brief catch-up on what you’ve been doing at home to prevent inflammation and infection. There is important business at hand during our time together! When you are in the dental chair, your dentist is:

  • Looking high and low for the good and the bad. Your dental exam looks at the chewing surface of your teeth. It observes the areas in between teeth and the ridge where teeth meet gums. Finally, we also look beneath the surface by observing x-ray images that provide us with details about your roots and the bone beneath the gum line. The compilation of data enables us to provide care that is tailored to you.
  • Screening for oral cancer. That brief palpation of soft tissue at the back of the jaw and just below the jaw line may not seem like much, but it is a way for us to check for abnormalities that may suggest oral cancer. Manual exam compliments our visual exam of soft tissue in the mouth to facilitate early detection of a very treatable disease.
  • Evaluating your habits. We can tell by looking at your teeth and gums if you are inadvertently engaging in harmful habits. We don’t mean smoking or eating sugar (although those are given away by your teeth); we mean things like grinding and clenching or brushing aggressively. The more we know, the better. This way, we can help you make changes to oral care, if necessary, to support optimal oral health.

Schedule your dental checkup well before the end of the year. Call (952) 445-6657.

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