Hate the Dentist? We’d Like to Change your Mind!

damaged teethIf thoughts of seeing the dentist make you cringe, it’s safe to say you would not express a desire to schedule your next checkup and cleaning. Research suggests that dental anxiety is a problem for well over half of the population in our country. When people say “I hate the dentist!” what they are more often saying is that they feel frightened of what they may hear or feel in the dentist’s office. There are several reasons that this may occur. What we want to do is look at some positives that may make it easier for you to schedule your next visit.

What you Should know about your Shakopee Dentist

  1. Your dentist will be there for you when you need him most. As much as we would like to see every patient during a time when oral health is excellent, and they are comfortable, we know that isn’t always possible. In fact, urgent dental care often revolves around a severe problem that occurred after too much time in between visits. To prevent unnecessary stress during a dental emergency, consider getting to know your family dentist during the best of (oral health) times.
  2. Your dentist wants to help. Contrary to how individual stories make it sound, dentists have not boogied monsters who enjoy other people’s pain! When you visit O’Brien Dental Care, our top priority is keeping you comfortable and in the best possible oral health.
  3. We’re not all alike. There is nothing like a bad dental experience to set the tone for your future attitude toward all dentists. As understandable as that may feel, the mindset that all dentists are bad could backfire. Rather than assume a dentist will hurt you or cost you money, get to know the experience and reputation of the person you are considering as your family dentist. We welcome your questions and would be happy to meet you.

Dental visits that check your teeth and gums don’t have to be wrought with stress and anxiety. Call O’Brien Dental Care to learn more about our friendly team and the effort we put into top-notch care for each patient. (952)-445-6657.


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