Know Before You Go

Teeth Cleanings Shakopee, MNSummer is finally here! We know what that means. Countless of families from our area will be heading out. Hitting the open road. Hopping a flight. Riding the rails. Summertime provides a great opportunity for travel. Even if the months ahead don’t hold a lengthy vacation for you, there may be plenty of nice, long days in the sun, enjoying the company of family and friends. The luxuriousness of summer festivities goes a long way for peace of mind, but it can also lead to some dental frustrations. We want to help you avoid those with some simple smile care tips.

  1. Sip it. Water. Experts are constantly encouraging us to drink plenty of water every day. The very cells of our body rely on adequate hydration to do their job. As if that is not important enough, remember that many of the common beverages you may reach for containing sugar or acidic ingredients that will break down enamel. That is unless you follow up such drinks with some water. Water dilutes the residue that sits on teeth, and also encourages saliva production to do the same. Sip often, friends!
  2. Eat this, not that. What is it about summertime road trips and days at the pool that lead us to turn to sweets and chips? When you’re away from home, the fact is that processed foods are just more convenient, and easier to find. Help your smile, rather than harm it. Load a cooler with crunchy foods like nuts, apples, celery, carrots, and cauliflower. Add some cheese cubes while you’re at it. When you chew crunchy foods, your teeth are being cleaned while your taste buds are treated to wholesome goodness.
  3. Pack the necessities. Now here is a tip you will want to remember for that road trip or long flight: pack a travel kit for a fresh mouth! You know how that “dirty mouth” feeling inevitably strikes at some point in your journey. Gum and mints only do so much. Keeping a travel-sized mouthwash and toothbrush in an accessible place like the glove box means no more dirty mouth.

In the midst of your summertime fun, remember to attend to your oral health. Schedule your checkup and cleaning with your Shakopee dentist.

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