Let’s Talk about that Dental Treatment

Dental TreatmentHave you been told that you need dental treatment, but your teeth or gums feel fine? Many patients find themselves in this situation, and you know what a lot of them do? They put off their treatment. They do not do this because they don’t care. In most instances, life just feels overwhelmingly busy. The budget often feels stretched already. Throwing in even the most minor dental treatment may feel like one of the hundreds of things we can put off in order to just keep up with life as it is.

Obviously, it’s not a great idea to postpone dental treatment. But just in case you find yourself tempted to do so at some point, we’re going to offer up these 3, very important reasons why you want to resist.

  1. Complications are on the horizon. You have a small cavity, according to your last x-ray. It doesn’t hurt. Then, all of a sudden, one day you cannot even think straight because your tooth hurts so bad. What happened? It was just a small cavity! The thing about small cavities is that they are a glowing target for oral bacteria. Once the tough outer shell has been damaged, these microorganisms can make their way toward the center of your tooth very quickly. Now, you’re faced with an infected tooth, all because of that small cavity that didn’t get treated.
  2. That initial treatment may be off the table. When the problem at hand is minor, there may be more treatment options from which to choose. Maybe you needed only a tooth-colored filling or an inlay. If the problem grows into an infection, the only treatment that may resolve your pain is a root canal.
  3. Did we say pain? We did! We also mentioned a toothache so bad that you can’t think straight. As if the complexity of treatment and severity of the condition itself were not reason enough to get a dental problem treated right away, pain sure is.

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