The Link Between Migraines and your Mouth

TMJ Shakopee, MN

TMJ disorder

Migraine headaches and other chronic headaches can prevent you from living up to your full potential. More than frustrating, migraines can be downright debilitating, sending you straight to the darkest, quietest room you can find – sometimes for days at a time. Because migraines are so disruptive, it is understandable that sufferers are in a seemingly endless search for solutions. Rarely is it thought that chronic head and neck pain could be a problem for a dentist to diagnose and treat, but research is pointing to the validity of focused dental care for improved comfort.

Alignment and harmony are important for every working system in the body. When structure integrity in an area such as the spine is diminished, painful problems like sciatica may occur. When the mouth is the area in which trauma, dental work, malocclusion, or age have affected structure, the jaw and all of its working parts may cease to function as intended. The joints that enable you to move your lower jaw up and down and from side to side are called the temporomandibular joints, or TMJs. If these joints are constantly under stress due to a problem in the mouth, a number of symptoms may develop, including migraines.

The Importance of Knowledge

TMJ disorder is not something that all dentists have been trained to identify and treat. At O’Brien Dental Care, the principles and modalities of neuromuscular dentistry are employed in addressing the issue of TMJ and its numerous unpleasant consequences. Neuromuscular dentistry uses advanced technologies such as equipment to relax the jaw for full assessment of functional movement. Using specific techniques, we can see where the jaw is not functioning and why. The underlying cause of TMJ disorder (and thus migraines) may be bruxism, or clenching the jaw. However, it could also be poor positioning caused by a naturally bad bite or by a dental restoration that was previously placed into the mouth.

The benefit of seeing a specifically-trained neuromuscular dentist for migraines and other symptoms of TMJ is that the best method of correction for YOU can be established. Every case is different. Every mouth is different. To get the care that you need to regain comfort, call (952)-445-6657.

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