Oh, Joe! Say it Ain’t So!

teeth whiteningGood old Joe. There are millions who couldn’t dream of starting the day without it. Coffee, that is. Java. The Mud. Go Juice. Whatever you call it, if you love your coffee, you love your coffee! There isn’t much that could stand in your way of the cup when the aroma hits your nostrils. But for the rich, bold flavor to caress your taste buds, that also means that the components of your coffee are getting up close and personal with your teeth. And this could be bad.

Digging Deeper into the Bean
What’s so bad about coffee? Recent research actually points to a number of advantages to your daily coffee consumption. Studies show that certain compounds in coffee can help prevent everything from diabetes to liver disease, so why slow your roll? Mainly, it is to save your teeth. We’re not saying you need to kick your liquid energy to the curb. Instead, we offer a few suggestions on protecting your teeth.

Teeth absorb components of coffee, such as tannins. These molecules settle in and cause stains. Furthermore. Coffee is one of the more acidic beverages that we consume, which means it can wear down enamel faster than it would otherwise. In fact, experts say that we should not brush after drinking coffee, because the uppermost layer of enamel is somewhat “soft” and fragile for about an hour afterward. Here, we’ll look at a few simple ways to mitigate the consequences of your much-loved brain juice.

  • Sip and sit. To enjoy a cup of coffee really only takes a few minutes. It certainly doesn’t take hours. This is exactly what many people do, though; they linger (and linger) over cup after cup until, before they know it, it’s lunchtime. The continual sipping leaves little time for recovery.
  • Cream it. Full dairy cream has molecules that tannins are attracted to. When they bind together, tannins are escorted away from teeth.
  • Water it. We don’t mean watering down your coffee, but your mouth. Swishing with a little water after a cup of Joe washes acid and tannins away from teeth.

The team at O’Brien Dental Care provides routine care to clean and polish your teeth, as well as cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening. Coffee or no coffee, we can help you have a great smile.

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