ToothacheIf you have ever had a toothache from a cavity, a broken tooth, or maybe a dental abscess then you know the pain that can be associated with it. You need a dentist and you need one soon!

Dr. O’Brien is there for you. The goal of the dental team is to prevent any further pain or injury to you and to your teeth. You will speak with one of the office associates, an emergency appointment will be made, and you will receive instructions to help you cope with the immediate pain.

One of the most acute emergencies is having one or more of the permanent teeth knocked out. Usually this type of dental accident occurs in children rather than adults, especially children involved in sports. If this happens to your child, call the office. You will get an appointment, plus you will receive instructions to try to maintain the integrity of the injured tooth or teeth. The care your child receives will be gentle and caring. The outcome, if all directions are followed, should be good.

A dental abscess requires a little more attention. Usually antibiotics will be given prior to any work on the teeth; the antibiotics help prevent the spread of the infection throughout the body. Once you have been on antibiotics for a few days an appointment will be made to care for the infected area/tooth. Prior to that, you will be given instructions on dealing with the pain.

If you ever have any of these problems, call Dr. O’Brien’s office and speak to one of the associates immediately. They will try and help you as soon as possible.

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