Send Students off with a Healthy Smile

dentistry services Shakopee, MN There’s no way to describe the beginning of a new school year but “busy.” Depending on the number of students in your household, busy may feel like an understatement. From shopping for clothing and other gear to trying out or starting practice sessions for a sport or other extracurricular activity, students have a lot on their plate – and so do parents. Amidst all the plate-spinning that goes on during the school year, we must also remember to take care of those precious teeth and gums.

The team at O’Brien Dental Care in Shakopee provides friendly service for families to help them avoid the stress and inconvenience of unforeseen dental problems. Here, we offer a few tips for helping students manage oral health through a busy school year.

  • Look ahead. Hopefully, routine checkups and cleanings were performed during the summer months when life was a little less hectic. This enables you to look ahead to the mid-year break from studies to find a convenient day for the next dental checkup. Staying up to date with professional care is a great way to help students avoid cavities and other dental problems.
  • Look beyond the norm. Students who play sports are provided with protective gear like pads and mouth guards, or they are steered in the direction of where to purchase such items. When it comes to a quality mouth guard, you may need to look a little further than your local sporting goods store. A large number of athletes admit to playing without their mouth guard because they have a difficult time breathing with a bulky appliance in the mouth. Custom-fit mouth guards from the dentist are often a better solution.
  • Look closely. At your students’ teeth, that is. Kids of all ages can forget to brush when schedules change. The hour or so before heading off to school may be filled to the brim with important things to do. Oral care is one of those things, but it is one of the things that are usually rushed, or completely forgotten. Help students stay healthy with friendly reminders, or with direct supervision if necessary.

If you have questions about dental needs or need to schedule a checkup and cleaning, we’re happy to help you. Call (952) 445-6657.

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