Do your Teeth have you Feeling Grateful?

adult-black-body-costume-41667It’s the time of year when we feel compelled to notice all those things that we may take for granted throughout the year. It could be the natural byproduct of the holiday season that sends us into a state of gratitude, or it could be the rich deliciousness of all those pumpkin spice lattes we’ve been enjoying, but we are ready to count our blessings, and we’re going to focus on teeth.

3 Ways your Teeth Add to your Life

  1. Teeth bring beauty. Yes, of course. When you smile, your bright, shining teeth can light up the room. But it goes beyond the aesthetic beauty of the teeth. Even if you’re not 100% satisfied with the appearance of your smile, your teeth are still bringing beauty to the face. Stop to think of where your cheeks and lips would sit were it not for the support of your teeth. Because the teeth are crucial to the contours of the lower face, there is ample reason to take great care of them.
  2. Teeth chew. Yes, of course! Stick with us here. We know that you know that you wouldn’t be able to chew very efficiently without your teeth. But what if you do have your teeth but you still don’t chew well because of pain? You might find yourself rushing through this task, or chewing only on one side. Here’s what can happen. First, if you don’t chew your food well, then your stomach has to do the breakdown work. This means more stomach acid. And that means the potential for discomfort and bloating. Now, if you do chew but only on one side, you may start to notice stiffness or discomfort in your jaw. This is because the joints and muscles are working too hard.
  3. Your teeth can help you be successful. That’s right, and it’s backed by research. Employees prove this, and employers prove it in their responses to questionnaires. One study suggests that if you are equally qualified, but have a better smile than another applicant, you have an edge on getting the job.

It is easy to forget just how vital teeth are to our daily lives. As you become aware of all your teeth do, we invite you to schedule your checkup and cleaning, or an appointment to discuss cosmetic dentistry in our Shakopee office. Call O’Brien Dental Care at (952) 445-6657.

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