Think There’s Nothing to Those Six-Month Checkups?

dental check upDental checkups may not sit super high on your list of things you actually want to do. We understand that, for many people, seeing the dentist is unpleasant due to dental anxiety. But even for those without phobias related to dentistry, taking time out of a busy schedule to let someone peruse the mouth can seem, well, unnecessary. You brush and floss every day, so what’s the point? Let’s talk about that . . .

  • A checkup looks closely at teeth and gums. Very closely. We don’t imagine that you wear magnification loupes (glasses) when you brush your teeth; and we would never expect you to go to such extremes. But it makes a difference. Our close observation enables us to see if plaque and tartar are starting to collect in hard-to-reach places, so we can remove it before problems occur.
  • Early detection means conservative care. We know that pretty much no one would look forward to hearing they need extensive dental care. A filling sounds much better than a root canal. And no need for repairs sounds better than all of it! Seeing your dentist every six months, you create a good possibility for going years – or a lifetime – without needing extensive dental work.
  • Less work, less stress. Who doesn’t feel a twinge of stress and anxiety when they need to have a dental procedure? It would be much easier if this could be avoided. If all dental visits revolved around exams and cleanings, we presume there would be far fewer people who put off making appointments to see their dentist!
  • You didn’t know? Sometimes, it takes a dental exam to uncover hidden secrets. You may not realize that you are doing things like snoring (and not breathing) or grinding your teeth while you sleep; but your mouth knows. Dental visits can help you get the care you need to resolve issues that could affect your smile and your health.

The team at O’Brien Dental Care enjoys helping patients of our Shakopee office make the most of their smiles. For your visit, call (952) 445-6657.

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