Too White: Is that a Thing?

teeth whitening ShakopeeWhite teeth. We all love them, even if we don’t think about this fact on a routine basis. Just think of how you respond to people with bright smiles. Think of how you feel when you look at your smile. If your teeth are radiating your personality, you feel satisfied and confident. If they are dull or yellow, you may not smile as freely as you would otherwise. You may even have an obvious sense of wanting to change the appearance of your smile. If you do, teeth whitening makes perfect sense.

We are here to help you get the brilliant smile you want. Patients of our Shakopee dental office may leave the work to us by undergoing in-office teeth whitening, or they may go the gradual route by whitening at home with our professional system. There are still others who choose to give commercial whitening strips a try. Whichever whitening option you choose, we encourage you to do so safely. This means that you follow the recommended usage guidelines of your system. These guidelines have been developed for a reason.

Too much, too soon, too far

There are three ways in which people may overdo it with teeth whitening. Whether it is that home whitening is performed too frequently, or that whitening trays are worn for longer than the allotted time each day, the results of going too far could be contrary to what is desired.

  • The whitening gel can be dehydrating to the teeth. This solution also has to permeate the outer protective film that protects enamel. In combination, these two effects can cause teeth to become sensitive during the whitening process. When each treatment is longer than recommended, sensitivity can be exacerbated to the point of being uncomfortable. Patience is key.
  • The whitening gel can also be slightly acidic. Substances that are acidic, and that sit on teeth for any length of time, can degrade enamel. Teeth whitening, conducted as directed, will have minimal effect on the structure of teeth. Performed too frequently, or for long durations, this process can lead to erosion, which can mean chronic discoloration. Talk about counterproductive!

In addition to the physical consequences of too much whitening, there is also an aesthetic problem with going too white. We would like to help you get the smile you want without such issues. Get the professional teeth whitening you deserve. Call O’Brien Dental Care at (952) 445-6657.

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