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toothaches in shakopee, mnAside from routine cleanings and check-ups – dental pain or toothaches, is the number one reason patients visit O’Brien Dental Care. There are a variety of factors that could lead to a toothache. Regardless of the underlying cause, any dental pain should be evaluated and treated immediately in order to avoid the spread of infection or the worsening of pain. Schedule a teeth cleaning appointment today, fill out the form in the sidebar or call us at (952)-445-6657!

Why regular Checkups and Teeth Cleanings are a Necessity

At O’Brien Dental Care we can’t emphasize enough that without regular dental checkups, every six months, how quickly preventable problems can develop into larger issues. Our team of qualified professionals can help with any dental procedure, but with a regular teeth cleanings, there is a significantly smaller chance of more serious procedures. The six reasons we find teeth cleanings are a semi-annual necessity are:

  • Prevent Cavities
  • Stop Tooth Loss
  • Keep Your Smile White
  • Freshen Your Breath
  • Healthy Teeth are Vital to Your Overall Health
  • Save Money

Common Causes of Toothaches

The most common cause of a toothache is the presence of tooth decay. No matter how frequently you brush and floss your teeth at home, without receiving regular professional check-ups or undergoing dental x-rays, you can never be sure that your teeth are free of decay. If left untreated and allow to grow, tooth decay can lead to cavities within your enamel that can cause sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures and tooth or gum pain.

Other common causes of toothache pain include debris lodged between two teeth or between the tooth and gums, infection of the tooth or its roots, damage to the lining of the mouth or tooth enamel due to acid erosion or jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

Mouth trauma can also lead to toothaches, especially if a tooth has been cracked, broken or otherwise damaged. If you are experiencing tooth pain following trauma to your mouth, it is important to visit the dentist quickly for examination and treatment.

Treatment for Toothaches

The first line of defense against a toothache should be to clean your teeth thoroughly. Brush and floss your teeth to see if the pain subsides. You may have a toothache due to a piece of food lodged between the teeth and brushing and flossing can help immediately relieve this pain.

However, if simple cleaning does not alleviate your pain you may want to treat your pain with an anti-inflammatory over the counter medication such as ibuprofen or a topical pain reliever like Orajel. If the pain does not easily subside through the use of these products – it is time to visit your dentist for evaluation. It may be possible that your tooth is decayed or infected.

Common Procedures for the Treatment of Tooth Pain

If your dentist does find gum disease, decay or infection to be the cause of your oral mouth pain, it is possible that he or she will recommend one of the following procedures to restore your tooth:

If you are experiencing a toothache or any other dental pain, schedule an appointment or visit O’Brien Dental Care today for a consultation and treatment plan.