We Want to Help you Settle your Fears

sedation dentistryNo matter how much you want your smile to look good and feel good, if you are one of the millions of people who struggles with dental phobias, you may find that you continually put off those dental visits. Whether you have always had an aversion to seeing the dentist or your fears have recently sprouted up due to a specific experience, the need for professional check-ups and cleanings does not go away. What do you do when you perpetually postpone dental care? Here, we will explore some of the common fears that prevent optimal care, and what may be done about them.

  • Certainty. Actually, this would be better described as feelings of uncertainty related to what your dentist may tell you, or want to do during your visit. This is especially relevant to situations in which you may be scheduling a visit to address slight dental pain. You may envision the worst – you need a root canal – or you may worry that you will need an extraction. The best bet here is to speak with your dentist to obtain the full extent of information you need. Ask questions, explore each option that is available to you. This way, you can be better prepared for recommended treatment.
  • Needles. One of the reasons behind wishing you could feel certain about dental care is because you wish to avoid injections of local anesthetic. What research has found is that the increase in adrenaline that stems from anxiety could inhibit the extent of numbing that is possible. You can see how this could create a vicious cycle. One of the best ways to mitigate the fear of injections for dental treatment is to see your dentist twice a year, and take good care of your teeth in between visits. This way, you have the best possible chance at avoiding the need for restorative care.

There are several more common reasons why people avoid seeing the dentist. In every case, there are suggestions that can help reduce that concern. Whether it is a strong gag reflex, anxiety related to the sounds of the dental drill (even if it is not being used on you!), or a past experience, dental phobias can prevent optimal oral health.

We want to create new and pleasant dental experiences for you. To get to know our team, call (952) 445-6657.

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