Your Smile and your Health

dental smileAt O’Brien Dental Care, we want to give each of our patients a satisfied smile. More than that, we want to help them elevate their quality of life, and health and wellness through personal care developed to meet their immediate and long term needs. If you are not already aware, oral health has been identified as a major indicator of general health. This is a fact with which we are very familiar. As such, we prioritize education on prevention, and on quick intervention for dental problems.

What does a Smile have to do with Health?
A healthy smile is a wonderful asset. Studies suggest that, when we feel good about our smile, we conduct ourselves in a more confident manner. Additionally, people with whom we interact tend to respond favorably simply because they subconsciously like the way our teeth look. There is more to it than that, though. A healthy smile could also mean the difference between a little high blood pressure and a full-blown heart attack.

Numerous studies have been conducted to define the relationship between the mouth and the body. One of the things that has been discovered is the presence of bacterium in the heart and arteries. Not just any bacterium, but the very same type that exists in infected gums. Other studies suggest that the chronic inflammation the results from untreated gum disease spreads from the mouth to the entire body, setting the stage for disease to take hold more quickly than it would if the fuse had not been lit by inflammation.

In Other News . . .
Don’t you just hate when you watch the news and it’s all “doom and gloom?” We agree! So let’s look at why these studies involving oral health are valuable.

The advantage if current information, even if it’s somewhat alarming, is that it reminds us of the reason why we need to brush and floss every day. Your oral health is largely within your control. This is GREAT news! With support from your trusted dental team, it is possible to mitigate your risk for oral infection and, as a result, promote the conditions that help you enjoy a long and healthy life.

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